Second Eye Blind, Episode Four: Communication Breakdown/Date Set

So, after waiting for, like for-ev-er to hear from Kaiser, I get this:

Kaiser Permanente


Dear Elson R Trinidad

[We have] been trying to reach you but [have] been unsuccessful. Please contact the Pre-op office regarding your eye surgery. No response within two weeks will result in cancellation of surgical case request.


So I call them back ASAP and talk to the contact person listed. She tells me they called me several times but to no avail. I had never gotten any calls on my cellphone from Kaiser, and I have even checked me home land line messages repeatedly. I asked which number they called, and they told me it was my home number, and I asked them what was the number they called. They said, “The number was area code 213-[home number]”

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! My area code is 323.

Anyway, date set for the operation. It will be on Wednesday,  March 22. I have a Pre-Op appointment on Thursday, March 16. We are a go.


So whatcha think?