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Youth, Education and Recreation | Elson Trinidad for City Council 2013

  "Failure is just delayed success."

Youth, Education and Recreation

Caring For Our Community’s Future

Elson knows what it’s like to be a youth in the 13th District — after all, he was one for 18 years of his life. Though times have changed, today’s youth go through much of the same general issues as they have during Elson’s youth.

Though the City Council has little direct influence on the Los Angeles Unified School District, today’s public school over-emphasis on standardized test scores has resulted in a situation where real learning has to happen outside the classroom and the production of good citizens is no longer a priority in the education system. Elson supports not just mere programs, but a culture of learning and discovery for our community’s youth which will also enhance their in-school experience.

Youth must as much as possible be exposed to the arts, to recreation, to learning about the actual city they live in (something the schools never teach them). We have a large and vibrant creative community that needs to be connected to our youth. We need to build more parks and recreation centers, especially in park-poor communities like Hollywood and East Hollywood. We also need programs and youth-oriented events to involve our young residents and inspire them through activities where they learn about and appreciate our city’s history, daily functions, governance and both the built and natural environments,

And how unfortunate that we have the disparity between the “glitz and glamour” of Hollywood, and underprivileged neighborhoods right outside their door? Elson would work towards having our local entertainment and tourism industries to create job-training programs and apprenticeships resulting in a homegrown, faithful workforce for the future.

 Let The Kids Have A Place To Play

With the nearest little league field on the other side of the freeway, as a child, Elson played baseball on the front lawns of his street. Today, many kids play soccer on the street or in parking lots – or worse – do not get out and play at all. Our children deserve better than this. Elson will fight for more parks and recreation spaces for our children, especially innovative ideas on converting city properties like the Bureau of Street Lighting Maintenance Yard on Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood into a recreation center, and supporting efforts to build a cap park over the Hollywood Freeway, rejoining a community that has been divided for over 60 years.