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Transportation/ Mobility | Elson Trinidad for City Council 2013

  "Failure is just delayed success."

Transportation/ Mobility

A Balanced Transportation System

Elson supports a balanced transportation system in Los Angeles — a system that allows people to have multiple choices in terms of getting around. And he practices what he preaches: Elson has been a transit rider since 1984, a motorist since 1992, a frequent bicycle commuter and a supporter of walkable neighborhoods.


Parking is a huge issue in nearly all of the 13th District’s communities. Elson will seek creative solutions for parking deficient neighborhoods, such as utilizing existing under-used parking facilities as a better alternative to removing precious commercial, residential and recreational space for parking structures. He also supports the expansion of the “smart parking” program, which uses mobile technology to locate available street parking spaces. He will also give incentives for providers and users of car rental and car share services, which frees people from the dependence on car ownership, yet provides easy access to an automobile when it is necessary.


Elson has been a transit rider in Los Angeles since 1984 and has been a frequent rider of the Metro Red Line subway since it opened. He will not only advocate for more transit lines, but the improvement of existing ones. There are 9 Metro Rail subway stations ether in or serving the 13th District, and some of them are already showing their age. With more people taking to the rails today, many stations lack adequate seating for waiting passengers, forcing them to sit on stairwells or on the floor.  He will support these upgrades and amenities to ensure our transit riders have a quality ride.

Elson also believes all of the 13th District’s communities deserve access to our rapid transit system, and he will advocate for a DASH or shuttle bus line connecting the Metro Red Line’s Vermont/Beverly Station with the Glendale Metrolink station (serving Koreatown, Silver Lake and Atwater Village), as well as a similar service connecting the Glendale Metrolink station with the Metro Gold Line Lincoln/Cypress station (serving Elysian Valley, Silver Lake and Atwater Village). He also envisions a pedestrian bridge allowing Atwater Village residents direct access to the Glendale Metrolink station.


More and more Angelenos are taking to two wheels to save money, gas, time, or to better their health. Elson will support not only more bike lanes and bike-friendly streets, but interconnectivity between them. He also supports bicycle signage/wayfinding to promote cycling. And as someone who actually knows what it’s like to ride our City’s streets, safety and education programs for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike will be a top transportation priority, in order to save lives.

Elson is also an early supporter of CicLAvia, and will champion more frequent CicLAvia events that will go into more communities, whether in the 13th District or beyond.

Pedestrian Improvements

The phrase, “Nobody Walks In L.A.” is already antiquated; more and more communities see pedestrian-friendly streets as a priority. In the 13th District, we are fortunate to have a large number of already-walkable communities and commercial districts, but even they still need improvement.

Elson supports the elimination of pedestrian-unfriendly “dead-zones” on our streets, which will in turn improve safety, as well as security, as well as commerce. Eliminating blight will also make our streets pedestrian-friendly.